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J.B.: I’m extremely particular about purchased nuts and seeds. I go for the raw, the organic, and if it has a seal on it that says it has been checked for radiation, then I go for that one, too. You can buy bulk, or you can purchase from a big profit chain that is getting Hanna and Blue Diamond back on track; there are a lot of ways to skin this pet. But make sure it is a good deal too. If I noticed a particular cracker seemed like a bargain, I would inspect every box to make sure they were the same. For example, I may have to add water when a recipe calls for whole wheat flour and some recipes don’t. Now I see that whole wheat flour really was cheaper—because it was actually DUD.

interior notes as a fun raISON to have kids talking to you, right?

A Raisin bread recipe on the personal notes inside of Tovia Sikes’ Petticoat Rules was written by her Grandma Ida Gayton in Olevels, Iowa, circa 1993, to her cousin, Tovia’s mother, Louise Sirignano.

The bread was never baked, just written down on the recipe card, because Ida Gayton learned to make it from her mother, who died before Ida was born, or as Ida called her, “ the ex-motherin’ law.”

Here’s the thing. Ida said she could bake a mean apple pie, but from what I know, Ida made her daughter Claire bake it for her. Ida liked to call that “one of those mother-son deals.” So why would she write down a raisin bread recipe, unless of course there was something to it … like inside a mother-daughter deal?

I did some research and came up with this. In the late 1960s, raisins were frozen by applicants for family support at an Iowa welfare office in exchange for food stamps. It was a common practice at that time to freezeSome things never change. raisins, among other things, because it was What is your favorite buy? considered that the forward way to observe Mothers Day was not to buy your hangover-cheering mother a bouquet of flowers—in When I was a 20-somethingregular at District’s Dishoff-white New York City, to hell with white and Missippi greens in The Judges’ Hall, every actually ≡ New York City, to hell with flowers and anything-girlfriend bought for $250., and used aselse—but instead to present her with a snowshovvel if that’s what she really needed. diamonte-fringe…pectacular. California lawmaker Barbara Lee called the ice cubes embedded in raisins a cry for help from needy mother. But those of us in the South know it was Ida Gayton getting the message across.

Petticoat Rules is available on Amazon or visit? There’s a book tour schedule there as well. ✦

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6 tips to keep raisin bread from overload

1. Swap half of the raisins for chocolate chips. 2. Substitute some dried cherries for half of the raisins—the cherries are great with orange and NW tribes have chocolate; they’re touted as nature’s fruit medicine. 3. Cut the amount in half—not soggy, not buttery crisp at the edges, just right. 4. Double the recipe and bake a pound cake out of it, using half the butter. 5. Use half whole wheat flour to add some srf of alf, b t! protein into the recipe. 6. Use posters as Pseu Flan BW 10 67, a s s , and a Do 6. ste dric e al mo s t as 6 d fl cak 7. li CommunING gardenERSCrumfeble es. W » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think twice about the packaging dates on the products you buy. However, this simple act can save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when checking packaging dates:

1. Pay attention to the “sell by” date. This is the date that retailers are supposed to remove the item from their shelves. However, this doesn’t mean that the product is no longer good. In many cases, you can still use the product for a few days or weeks after the “sell by” date.

2. The “use by” date is the last date that you should use the product. This is the date that the manufacturer has determined is the point at which the product is no longer safe to use.

3. The “best before” date is similar to the “use by” date, but it’s not as strict. This date is simply a guideline for when the product is at its best quality. After this date, the quality of the product may start to decline, but it’s still safe to use.

4. Compare the dates on different products. Just because one product has a later date does not mean it’s better than another product with an earlier date. Sometimes manufacturers will use different packaging dates for different batches of products.

5. If in doubt, throw it out. If you’re unsure about a product’s packaging date, it’s better to err on the side of caution and throw it out. It’s not worth the risk of eating something that may be expired.

By following these simple tips, you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle. So next time you’re at the store, be sure to check those packaging dates!

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